Invisible Miracles, Dr. Myron Wentz's life work

Published: 11th November 2008
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Dr. Myron Wentz is not offering banking tips or the secret to dropping five pounds fast. Mr. Wentz has invested countless dollars and man hours into discovering what makes us tick and how to improve that design or protect it from what seems to be destroying us. He yearns for a world free of pain and suffering and feels we should all be able to life and love life to the fullest happiness and health possible.

Though our society is living longer than past generations, we are also living longer in poor health. Degenerative, long-term diseases have taken the place of the quick viruses and diseases that destroyed our ancestors. Influenza and smallpox have given way to diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and asthma.

Invisible Miracles, Dr. Myron Wentz's life work, contains his study of these degenerative diseases and what it means to be actually healthy. Most people judge their health by a good report from the doctor, a great physique, or the general feeling when you wake up in the morning. Dr. Wentz points out that good health should not just be a measure of what health problems we lack, but if we are bodies are at their healthiest level, maximum capacity, despite any external conditions or influences.

Invisible Miracles by Dr. Myron Wentz combines nutritional elements that are vital to get our cells working at their best along with other life essentials. He highlights that what we put in our bodies nowadays leaves us nutritionally starved. Not only are we not receiving enough vitamins and minerals in our supplements and foods, but we are receiving quantities that can render other nutrients useless.

Our cells are not hiding secrets from us or keeping hidden methods, in fact, they practically scream for the right nutrition until it is too late and degenerative disease takes over. Dr. Myron Wentz has researched these nutritional and health needs, without a great deal of financial backing other than his own, to bring core cell needs to the front stage. People need to know how to improve their quality AND quantity life. Invisible Miracles can enable us to live longer, healthier lives instead of just longer, disease-ridden lives.

Once Dr. Myron Wentz knew that Invisible Miracles could enable people to live healthier, he formed USANA Health Sciences to research, develop, and distribute high-quality, science-based health products. Unlike generic vitamin products that are mass-produced and distributed everywhere, USANA's products aim to better the health of the user instead of just turning a profit.

You can find out more about unlocking your cell's power to fight disease and keep you functioning at your best by viewing the Google video, Invisible Miracles, Dr. Myron Wentz at .You may also view more information about Invisible Miracles, Dr. Myron Wentz and Usana at

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